Ron Stewart Signature Mahogany

Skillet Head


The Skillet Head was a name given to an early 1950s Bow-Tie Ron found. It was not just a banjo built in the 1950s.  It was put together with left over prewar parts at the factory.  It went together in an un-usual way to create what we see as the ultimate flathead.  This banjo quickly gained respect from the flathead community so we knew that we must reproduce it and that we did.  Now everyone can have one. 




Highest Quality Mahogany Neck, Yates Pre-War Style Resonator and "Fat Rim".  Rim and Resonator now Thermal Aged.


  • Finish is “Simi-Distressed” for that early 1950s look and, feel.

  • Flat Rosewood Fingerboard, Ebony Peg Head, Mother of Pearl Inlay

  • Light Weight Flange

  • Narrow Frets (worked down and re-crowned for easier playing and pull-offs)

  • Old Grover style bridge made by Yates

  • Special 50's style Tailpiece

  • Yates made three ply maple rim

  • Simi-Distressed Nickel Plated Metal Parts

  • Three fifth string spikes (7th, 8th & 9th frets)

  •  Yates 20 Hole Nickel Plated Tone Ring

  • Waverly two band Tuners with Ivoroid Buttons carved to the Keystone shape

  • Steel coordinator rods


  • T– Wrench—for tuning the head

  • TKL hard shell case



To purchase, contact Yates Banjos 1-828-294-0578