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Yates LM-1


Straight maple neck

Rosewood fingerboard

Thermal Aged Rim and Resonator

1930's reused brass hoop, original from the old conversions

Distressed wood finish and hardware (or new)

Waverly tuners with iveroid buttons

Dark tobacco brown

TKL case

Sound Sample

The LM-1 is a remake of the old prewar banjos that did not use the standard style tone rings. Over the years, many of the ole banjos have been converted and cut for tone rings, forever losing the treasure of tone that they have to offer. With the conversion of these old banjos, the brass hoops found themselves hanging of the walls of the luthiers.  We at Yates, decided that this style of banjo is too good to be forgotten.  We have designed a way to put these hoops back in circulation. As long as supply lasts, we will put the antiques back into the banjos.

The Yates LM-1 has a warm wood tone that in no way lacks volume.  Its projection and carry power does not play second to the tone ring style of banjos.  In fact, the LM-1 has almost no overtones that plague tone ring style banjos.  If you want a lower cost, light weight (less than 3 pounds), great playing banjo, try the Yates LM-1