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Used or Miscellaneous Parts and Products


1 - I have one used Ron Stewart mahogany for sale for $3,500.  If you have questions before I get the information posted, please call and I will give you the complete history.  Thanks, Warren Yates


2 - One used foundry system used to pour tone rings. http://yatesbanjos.com/burner.htm


3 - I have around five or so yellow brass tone ring casting un cut. $50 ea. Call Warren


4 -


5 - One used un-marked nickel plated tone ring.      51 oz.   long skirt (all specs and lathe marks matches Blaylock) $275




New Products


Style 4 Walnut


Leather Banjo Straps


The Yates V33 pot assembly now available


The Yates RB-75


The Yates Mule


The Yates Carolina





Most Sold Items this Month


Yates Oval Eight Finger Picks  Watch his YouTube


Yates RB-75 Banjo




Read about Torrefied Wood


Computer Software

The new "Transcribe!" software allows you to slow CDs down to a 1/2, even 1/4 speed, without affecting the pitch.  It will help you to understand what is going on in the music.    Download a Free 30 Day Trial.